I eat 7 whole eggs a day along with other foods. Is this right for a weight loss goal? Or should I eat only egg whites along with other foods?

Total calories. Manish, ultimately weight loss depends on total calories taken. Egg whites increase your protein intake, but if taken in addition to the same intake as before, results in increased calories per day. Increased muscle mass from more protein intake/exercise even causes weight gain since muscle is denser than fat. Weight loss plans need to be individulized as per each person's needs/goals/realities.
Less weight more fat. 7 eggs/day for how long? Excessive cholesterol in lieu of weight then die of hi cholesterol while the excess weight is not even lowered enough, is just not rational. Egg whites is a cheap + good source of protein, add beans which has fibers+proteins+good carb while lowering cholesterol + sugar then some hard fruits (apple-pears, no mango too much calories) and good veggies + walk 1h 2/day.