Should I get a hip replacement if I have osteoarthritis at 40 years old?

It depend. What can problem you have, some are not active and have low physical demands the t h r will okay for you if you are physically active it is better to delay as much as possible.
No. No. Too young and other conservative options should be used.
Not your 1st choice. In today's environment, although unusual, hip replacement may be indicated for someone as young as 40. After failing all reasonable conservative treatments, it does not make sense to live with horrible pain when replacements are reliable, durable, and reproducible. Improving one's quality of life in such a dramatic way should not be reserved for patients over any arbitrary assigned age.

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17yr old, osteoarthritis and osteonercrosis, no cartilage, lots of pain, trying to put off a hip replacement anything I can do in the mean time?

Physical therapy. One goal is to strengthen the muscles around the joint including hip flexors and extensors. Physical therapy on land and possibly in water can help. The other goal is pain reduction for which a hyaluronic injection may be considered. Work with your Orthopedist to arrange and explore treatment options. However, surgeries have come a long way and would allow you to enjoy more activities without pain.

I have osteoarthritis in a hip. What can I do for it other than a hip replacement?

Hip arthritis. In young people is tough to deal with as young people tend to be very active. A hip replacement is always a last resort unless your hip is completely destroyed. Try activity modification, ice, nsaids, even use of a cane can help. May consider arthroscopy, or a resurfacing procedure as well instead of a full hip replacement.

What is a proper exercise for me? I had lots of issues with chronic pain due to hip replacement and osteoarthritis in my joints. I take medication for

Water excercises. Water naturally reduces the effects of gravity on worn out joints. The other benefits include quick removal of excess heat during exercise.
Exercise. The most effective exercise for weight loss or weigh control and cardiovascular health is low impact moderate activities such as walking or biking. Moderate exercise means that your heart rate is about 115 to 130 BPM and one can talk in a complete sentence without shortness of breath. Maintaining the moderate heart rate while exercising will lead to good fat and sugar burning.
Gentle. Check 25-oh vit d and take sufficient. Sometimes topical magnesium oil can be helpful for pain as well. Gentle movements like qi-gong increase range of motion and improve circulation. Do exercises in a chair. Swing arms, on the out breath push against an imaginary resistance to tense the core muscles. Do short sessions of 5 minutes 6 times a day and see if you can work up to 10 minutes 6 times.
Manage OA. Walking is an excellent exercise if one suffers with osteoarthritis. Progression of OA can be generally minimized by losing weight, performing light weight training and low impact cardiovascular exercise (elliptical, exercise bike). Glucosamine and chondroitin supplementation can help to rebuild lost cartilage as well.

Mom is 91 years old. 3 days ago she fell and broke her hip. How can she get a hip replacement?

Hip fracture. A displaced femoral neck fracture with significant hip arthritis would make her a tha candidate. Check with your orthopedic surgeon.

What are the pros and cons of a hip replacement for someone whose 17 years old?

Well. Pro: less pain, improved motion Con: can wear out/loosen requiring future surgery (s) that become more difficult to perform, infection (take antibiotic before dental etc.) can dislocation in certain positions, Consider alternatives to hip replacement such as pelvic osteotomy, and hip fusion. Definitely seek more that one opinion regardless. Good luck.
Ask the surgeon. Usually at 17 years of age you do not need a replacement. If you have a diagnosis which requires a hip replacement such as after a non healing or mal healing hip fracture, or a congenital deformity plus you are having significant pain limiting your function then having a hip replacement may make sense The cons are that you will need surgery again several times during your life and there are risk.

Is it possible to have hip replacement while my mother inlaw who is 75 years old is on coumadin (warfarin)?

Yes. If need be, your mother in law could have her Coumadin (warfarin) stopped and even have other meds used before the surgery if need be, that would allow a safe surgery. This could be accomplished by her primary, or her internest or cardiologist during a pre-op clearance examination. After surgery, her meds could be restarted and followed accordingly. Good luck.
Prep. Coumadin (warfarin) can be reversed prior to surgery; she will need to be admitted first to ensure her blood is sufficiently "un-thin" for the procedure.
Yes. If she is weaned off Coumadin (warfarin) and placed on heparin. It requires medical supervision. If she is on Coumadin (warfarin) because of a bllod clot in the leg (DVT) sometimes a filter is placed in the vena cava. Regardless some arrangement can be made.