What are my chances of getting pregnant since I had an endometrial ablation surgery plus my tubes were not tied?

Endometrial ablation. If you are not having any bleeding at all, then the ablation made the environment of the uterus hostile to pregnancy and your chances of pregnancy are less than 3%. If on the other hand you continue to bleed monthly, you can get pregnant at a normal rate for your age at about 25% each month.
Possible. Endometrial ablations may make it more difficult to conceive but, it's not birth control. So it's possible to get pregnant, the scarred endometrium may lead to implantation problems, miscarriage, or other complications from your scarred uterus. Talk to your gyn for effective birth control asap.
Low and PG risky. Pregnancy after endometrial ablation is uncommon (about 1-2%) and very risky for baby and mother. Links (http://bit.Ly/ljxxzu). One review = miscarriage-28%; premature rupture of membranes-16%; prematurity-31%; c-section-44%; and placenta complications-25%; hysterectomy-16% & ectopic pregnancy-6.5%. You need careful monitoring if you plan a pregnancy, talk with doc. Best wishes.
Guarded. Can't say for sure, you'd at least need specific testing of the uterine cavity, as well as standard evaluation. Even then, the answer at best is an educated guess. With information you give i'm concerned about the impact of the ablation both on conception and problems with gestation.