2 yr old has had a skin rash that seems like eczema since 4 mos old. Dr. Wont send to dermathologist is this right? I have tried many ointments

Won't go away or ?? The dermatologists in my area don't file insurance but love seeing patients.If you want to see one, go.If your doctor has the condition under reasonable control (his/her definition) they may consider it a waste of your time. If this is the case s/he should tell you.If the skin barrier is maintained & secondary infections are rare, discuss with your doc & go if you decide.Should fade by 4-5 anyway.
See below. If you are not satisfied with your child's response to recommended treatment, don't wait for a referral. Set up an appointment with a dermatologist on your own.
For what reason? Why won't your doctor send you? Also, what is stopping you from going to the dermatologist on your own? Is it an insurance issue? Maybe consider switching your pediatrician if you are unhappy?