How long should fevers from teething last?

? Teething Fever ? I'm not convinced kids have teething fever & if they do it would be low grade at most. Since teething can encompass the first 3 yrs & the are due for 5-7 respiratory & 3 diarrheal illness/yr at the same time there is bound to be some overlap.I would be concerned with persistent fever in a kid whose feeding & activity decline & want that kid seen.If playful & happy during the process, just monitor.
Varies. Your seeing a process that is pretty complex. Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Ibuprofen alternated every 4 hours to reduce the fever. Have the them bite/chew on something cold will help with any pain. If fever persists for more that 4 days with the above recommendations, go to the er.
Don't exist. Contrary to popular belief, teething does not produce fever. Viral and bacterial infections do. Young children are very likely to get multiple exposures to viral infections causing fevers multiple time a year. There is little treatment for a virus other than treating symptoms. Teething aggravates children and is uncomfortable but does not cause fever. If child dehydrates from fever take to er.