My 8 mo. Old cries in the a.M as he awakens. I go to him, but why does he freak out? We have been doing cry it out. Please answer my? W/out judging.

See below: You and your baby are starting to feel (and act) like separate people. Sitting up, rolling, reaching out and act on the world are seen. He worries you might not come back when you go away from him and lets you know it. He begins to recognize, have desires, & uses different sounds to express emotions/frustration/anger. This explains your transition. He could also be waking up from a nightmare.
If you "freak out" when you go in to pick up your son, know that a neurotypical 8- mo.-old does "affect matching". He'll become more upset seeing you upset, more scared if you look scared when he gets an immunization, refuse to eat if you make a " yuck" face when you feed him spinach. From now on, he'll do what you do, not what you say. Try to go in smiling & pick him up BEFORE he cries. See