I have a ruptured plantar fascia and am at week 8 and am having swelling and pain. Am I a candidate for pro?

Pro? Not sure what you mean by "pro." perhaps you meant prolotherapy or prp. These are both regenerative type injections used to heal damaged tissue, and the plantar fascia is a potential location. I recommend that if either is performed, that they be done under ultrasound guidance. Both injections can be beneficial, but work gradually. It may take you up to a year to recover, even with injections.
Too soon. Ruptured ligaments take much longer to heal than muscles or bones. Due to poor blood supply they tend to need more time particularly if you have been weight bearing on the injured foot. If you are on your foot, i would recommend crutches and a fracture boot. I would recommend you get well made orthotics to reduce the stretch on the plantarfascia and physical therapy to reduce pain and swelling.