Which way to go on advanced cancer prostate add testosterone therapy or testosterone reduction. With all side effects?

Reduce testerone. Advanced prostate cancer treatment is based on reducing testerone level by orrchiectomy or by drugs. The first drugs to use are the luteinizing hormones which block the pituitary gland in the brain. We can add other drugs which block the receptors in the testicles, tumors and adrenal glands at various stages of the disease. There are many new advances in the prostate cancer treatment. Be hopef.
Adding testosterone . To prostate cancer is like adding gasoline to a fire. Nl. And cancerous prostate cels have prostate receptors. Mild defanging can be done with Finasteride or dutaasteride. The "turn off" swith in hyp/pituitary: goseralin and leuprolide (libido, erecton hot flash); receptor blockers: Bicalutamide - gynecomastia in higher dose. Used for mets/high risk, int. Risk.
Reduce. Advanced prostate cancer is treated initially by removing testosterone from the system. Never by adding it. Eventually patients can become resistant to this therapy and other treatments are added. But we never add testosterone.