Is it common to have high liver enzymes (alt/ast) with untreated hyperthyroid? I've read conflicting info. Please help.

Not common. This does not appear to have any consistent association with high alt/ast. Mainly this deals with low TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) and high t4/t3 thyroid hormones. This condition does have an effect on the cells in your body, and causes weight loss and diarrhea, so the liver might be working harder than normal and so some enzymes like alt/ast might be high. See your dr. To be sure.
It's possible. Common? No. Possible? Yes. While most cases of hyperthyroidism do not cause elevated ast/alt, in more severe cases, this can be seen. Once the hyperthyroidism is treated, the ast/alt will be normal if the elevation was due to the hyperthyroidism. If not, they will stay high and need further workup. Good luck!

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