What to do for fevers for infants?

Depends on age. Conservatively (infants 3-4 mos or less) always contact your care provider if a "rectal temperature" is over 100.4-101f. For those older and no other risk factors-no chronic medical conditions-"comfort" care and not becoming fearful of fever. Fever is not itself evil-merely a symptom of other issues-infection. Comfort doesn't always mean medication either. Discuss with doctor to lessen stress.
Depends. Depends on the age. Particularly the first two months fever needs to be reported to your pediatrician right away. If your infant is older it is okay to watch and treat the fever for twelve to 24 hours, but if it continues have your baby seen. Fever is an indicator that your infant is sick and because of their age need your doctor to see them .

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14month old son. What temperature means fever? What to do immediately when fever? Give infant Tylenol (acetaminophen) or something? Pl suggest.

Please see below. Different people have different definitions of what constitutes fever. If his temperature is between 99.5-101, I would call it a low grade fever. If he's happy, you don't have to give him Tylenol (acetaminophen). If he's cranky or in pain, then give it. If his temp is 102+, it's reasonable to see the Dr. to make sure it's not more than a virus. Offer plenty of healthy liquids to him. Read more...
Take a breath. For most healthy children, I consider 101 to be a fever. For tiny or sick babies it's different. Take a breath and immediately take a good look at your son. Is he breathing usually/comfortably? Is he drinking fluids and having wet diapers? Fever is a defense mechanism which helps your body fight infections by making it less hospitable. Tylenol (acetaminophen) can lower fever, but isn't always needed. Read more...