I'd onli wheeze in cold climates, when some1 is smoking or wen I laughed too hard at nite. M I asthmatic? There's family hist of asthma

Maybe. You certainly have reactive airway issues and should have an inhaler for those times. Asthma is more of a chronic problem so if these issues are occurring weekly or even monthly you may have asthma. It is an allergy problem. Discuss it with your doctor.
Non-allergic asthma. Astma is an inflammatory disease of the air tubes of the lungs. In many people allergic reactions are the major factors that contributed too that inflammation, but in others allergy is on minimal if at all a factor. The lung are still inflamed and therefore over or hyper-reactive and therefore still tighten and wheeze with cold air, exertion, smoke, colds, etc.
Need testing... You may have asthma. There is pulmonary function testing with bronchoprovocation that can tell if you have the tendency for bronchospasm. If these tests reveal bronchospasm, you may have asthma. Asthma, by definition, is recurrent episodes of reversible airway obstruction. Your doctor can diagnose asthma if the clinical picture fits in conjunction with this testing.