So, was having chest pain. Holter was normal and ECG was normal. Potassium was a little low. What next?

Work w/ your doctor. There are many possibilities with chest pain, and i'd recommend you involve your doctor in that evaluation. It sounds like you've already started a workup with him/her. Go back for a follow up, ask about the various next steps you might need for your problem.
Look for other cause. You need to look for some other cause of this chest pain, may not be the heart. Possibly, acid reflux or costochondritis/ inflammation of the rib cartilage or esophageal spasm.

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Extrasystoles during intensive workout (160bpm). No chest pain, dizzyness or short of breath. Normal eco, ECG and holter results. Psychological?

No. No. It's fine that it's happening, that's what the tests are telling you. The fact that you have no other symptoms means there's also nothing wrong with you. The fact that you are still concerned about it, most certainly psychological. What do you think about while you are working out? Next time you feel it occur, try to be mindful of your thoughts. Maybe there is someone you can talk to about it?
No. You problems (extrasystoles)are probably due to excess and intense exercises and maybe electrolytes imbalance.

Went to ER this morning, been having chest pain off and on for mth all test normal, been to cardio and wore a holter. Today ECG said septal infract.

Old or new? Is the ECG that showed septal infract have any indication is the infract is new or old? Either way, you should not be home, you should be at the hospital, investigating the abnormal ECG. My advice to you, is to insist that your cardiologist will do a heart catheterization to determine for sure that your heart is ok.

Thorax röntgen negative for Tuberculosis. Two months irregular left chest pain radiating to back. ECG, Holter normal. Which tests should be used - TB?

Unlikely. It is unlikely that the chest pain you describe is owing to pulmonary tuberculosis. Get a mantoux (skin test) for tuberculosis. If it is negative, you do not have TB especially given your normal chest X-ray. Where you exposed to someone with active TB? If you were you need to work with your doctor and public health to make sure everyone is covered.

To start had norm stress test, ECG norm except late trans, cta chest norm and holter norm but getting left side chest pain under breast and into shoulder. Bp fine. Pos Lyme test. Serious? Muscular?

Lab tests. Your cardiac labs are fine. The positive lyme titer is of some concern. The symptom is nonspecific and not a high probability for being heart caused. Should discuss with your doctor about musculoskeletal and also the signficance if any of the positive lyme titer.
Need angio. Stress test could be false negative specially woman, but if you have risk factors like smoking, family hosptry of premature cab, personal history of htn, diabetes, dyslipidema then I would see cardio for further invasive testing like angiogram. You cannot lable it as musculoskeletal unless it is completely ruled out of cad.