The gum around my wisdom tooth has swollen my cheeks swollen it hurts when I swallow should I see emg dentist or wait till mon?

Pain and swelling. Dental pain and swelling can represent an infection that is becoming an abscess. Particularly in the face of difficulty swallowing, an urgent exam should be performed. If caught early enough, antibiotics may be all that is needed--but incision and drainage may be needed if left unattended. Oral infections can spread deeply and rapidly and need to be ruled out quickly. Urgent care/dentist/ent.
See DDS. Go see a dentist, an antibiotic may be prescribed and in addition, the operculum may need to be removed. Wisdom teeth usually are evident between 18-20 years old, so I would have the dentist check all third molars for referral and possible extraction prior to any additional sequeli.
Either one. If you are having difficulty swallowing you need to be seen asap to prevent a more serious problem from occurring, and antibiotic therapy and/or more definitive treatment if indicated.
Probably can wait. What you describe is likely called pericoronitis. 22 is an age when wisdom teeth commonly emerge. As it does the back end is covered by gum, and debris and food impaction happen often. If it happens often, removal of the 3rd molars is indicated. If you do not have a fever, monday is just fine. They will likely start you on antibiotics.
See an EMG dentist. The swelling around your teeth is evidence of either an infection or severe irritation. Both situations are unhealthy and need to be diagnosed and treated by a dentist.
Yes see your dentist. You probably need antibiotics.