Related Questions

Can I use propecia and topical rogaine (minoxidil) together to stop hair loss?

Yes. Yes, you can use both products together to slow down the process of hairloss.
Yes. The work differently. Propecia acts to diminish the affects of testosterone on the scalp. Rogaine (minoxidil) works to increase the effectively blood flow to the hair follicles.

Is propecia (finasteride) more effective or minoxidil? In other terms, which of the two is more effective in combating against DHT for hair loss?

Propecia (finasteride) Propecia lowers Dht by blocking the conversion of testosterone into Dht in the bloodstream. Minoxidil does not affect Dht levels. It works topically as a vasodilator. For the best results, you should use both of them together, but if you had to pick one, I would go with propecia. There is a much more powerful Dht blocking medication called avodart, (dutasteride) but it's use for hair loss is off-label.