My wisdom tooth is half out the gum is swollen and really painful I also have flu like symptoms should I see a doctor or dentist?

Dentist. You have an acute pericoronitis, or infection associated with the tissues overlying the wisdom tooth. A wisdom tooth that is partially visible in the mouth that does not fully erupt is prone to localized infections. Food and bacteria localize and colonize under the tissue overlying the tooth and results in pain and swelling. The tooth should be removed.
Dentist! Some times if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck... Look, if your wisdom tooth is obviously infected, it is more than likely that it is upsetting your imunne system and making you feel "off" . If your arm was gangreen and you felt "flu like", would you question the issue's origin. If an antibiotic alleviates both symptoms, then it's your tooth that needs attending to.
See a Denitst. When the tissue around a wisdom tooth gets infected, that's a sign of trouble and future problems. See your dentist before the situation gets more dangerous and painful. Generally, the infection is treated first and then the offending tooth is removed. Sometimes, this can be done together. Once the tooth is gone, this problem will never return (in that area), which is nice.
Both. If you have a wisdom tooth problem ask your family dentist to refer you to an oral and maxillo-facial surgeon to deal with the partially impacted tooth and the localized infection. Infections need rx immediately. If you have the flu, see your family doctor.