Remidies for getting rid of pimples on your forehead?

FOREHEAD PIMPLES. Forehead pimples, acne, can be due to many things. Greasy hair; caps and hats, not shampooing enough, gels and waxes. What to do? Shampoo often, once a day if possible. Over-the-counter benzoyl products applied at bedtime can help. Or, better: see a dermatologist.

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Hello, I'm trying to get rid of or mitigate a big red bump on my forehead that seems to be cystic acne. Is there any treatment that could help?

Grieving Time. Hello, Once you get a big one, my recommendation is to first GRIEVE as this lump is likely not going away in the next 48 hours. This grieving process will decrease stress and prevent the downward spiral. Then, attack it with full fury with hot compresses many times a day and dry it up a bit. You also have the option of a cortisone injection. Better prevention is key. -Dr. Neal.

What is a good way to get rid of tiny pimples on your forehead?

Sweating. Sweating level exercise keeps skin pores clean. Vit a supplement, facial hyzine. Avoiding caffine, nicotine, chocolate, fried food, indoor cotaminants.....Pets.

Get rid of pimples on forehead and blackheads on the nose?

See derm. Your dermatologist can put you on a treatment program that will get rid of the lesions and keep them away, but you must stay on the treatment. Isotretinoin is the only treatment that might give you a permanent cure.

How can I get rid of pimples on forehead caused by dandruff in oily hair?

Keep oily hair. Away from forehead. Wash hair daily to prevent dandruff. Try anti-dandruff shampoos that contains zinc pyrithione, which can reduce the scalp fungus associated with dandruff; selenium sulfide, which can limit cell turnover and possibly even decrease the amount of fungus; salicylic acid, which works as a sort of scrub to slough off dead skin.

How to get rid of underground pimple on my forehead?

Comedone? If you are talking about a comedone, which is a small darker pimple, with no signs of inflammation as redness, I would suggest over the counter benzoyl peroxide 5% cream every day.

Which is the best facewash to get rid of whiteheads on chin & forehead?

Benzoyl peroxide. Have you tried anything before? I don't think any specific benzoyl peroxide wash is superior but I would start with a 5% benzoyl peroxide wash. If your acne is moderate to severe consider dermatology consult for prescription medications.

I have recently got a lot of tiny pimples all around my forehead? How do I prevent and get rid of them?

Miliaria. I see that you are from UAE. It could be prickly heat or Miliaria. Cause is hot climate and blockage of sweat glands. Treatment is to avoid hot weather. It could be other things as well. Skin lesions unfortunately has to be seen to properly diagnose.

How might I get quickly rid of forehead pimples?

Scientific Rx. If two weeks on over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide doesn't clear you, get with your physician. You may be a rx for a topical retinoic acid derivative, the oral contraceptive pill (if you're female), topical clindamycin, a systemic antibiotic such as tetracycline, or a dermatology referral for possible isotretinoin. All acne is manageable today; it's not a hygiene or lifestyle problem. We can help.
Pimple Info. Pimples occur when glands in our skin get blocked and what they secrete collects and causes pressure. The immediate response is inflammation (red, hot, tender swelling). This is the body increasing the blood flow to the injury to bring healing factors to the area and also the veins expand to carry bad stuff away. Gentle cleansing and avoid picking/squeezing lets nature take its course.