Throbbing to sharp pain left side of chest arms not numb what could it be?

Many possiblities. Unfortunately without much more information (such as the circumstances of the discomfort, your age, and the presence of cardiovascular risk factors) there is no way to know what the likelihood is of a cardiovascular cause of pain. Cardiac pain, musculoskeletal pain, pleurisy, pneumonia, reflux can all cause this. If it is persistent then an evaluation with a doctor is advised.

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Who do I call for sharp pain left side of chest?

"Stitch"? A sharp, stabbing pain on the inner lining of the chest that increases when you breathe in is caused by a little fold in the membrane that lines the chest cavity. A very deep breath may end it, and in any case it is transient. If this is not what you are having, a physician office visit may be in order. Read more...

Sharp stabbing pain left side of chest 1-2 ribs below breast. Started yesterday. Noticed some small swelling today that is sensitive to touch. Hurts to breathe, raise left arm, bend, twist, cough, laugh. 36 y/o male. Was driving when it hit suddenly and

Go see ur FamilyDoc. Sensitivity to touch makes me think of zoster/shingles ( Without that, I think of pleurisy which could due to pneumonia. Perhaps you overdid one of your upper body exercise routines (although this shouldn't usually cause pleurisy or painful breathing). Bottom line, you need to see your Family Doc for complete & thorough evaluation. Read more...