Before and after my gallbladder removal my bile duct has been dilated even still a year later, this causes a lot of pain, will this go away itself?

Depends. Ask your doctor how dilated the bile duct is. After gallbladder removal, it is normal to have a slightly enlarged bile duct. Additionally, as you age, your bile duct usually enlarges a bit, usually about 1 mm per 10 years. If you have stones in your bile duct, you certainly need to have this addressed. Finally, proving that your pain is from the dilated bile duct is quite difficult.
Depends. It is normal for a person to get a slightly dilated common bile duct after cholecystectomy surgery. Common bile duct stone would be quite unlikely a year after surgery, but possible. Depends on why you had surgery in the first place (gallstones or for biliary dyskinesia). Chronic pain that does not resolve after gallbladder surgery may need further evaluation with your doctor or gastroenterologist.
Pain. You should get it checked out. Sometime there is stone which could be retained in cbd to cause dilation and pain.
Maybe it's something. Like biliary dyskinesia, a condition that causes the bile duct to dilate and can cause pain. A GI doctor may evaluate this with am mrcp or ercp.
Two causes. First a retained stone. Or biliary dyskinesia a condition in which the exit muscle at the tip of the bile duct becomes abnormal and causes obstruction. Both are luckily easily managed with ERCP and stents.