Ok I had a spleenic infarction the dr told me basically it was a ruptured spleen and should get better and it still hurts after 8 months?

Why infarction? You should find out why you had an infarction. For ex - if you have blood clots in the heart they can continue to cause problems to your spleen. If you now have a cyst in the spleen it may be growing and causing pain. In the absence of fever it is unlikely to be an infection. I would get a ct scan to see if anything has changed in your spleen. It may give clues to your pain or underlying problem.
Follow up. A splenic infarction is different than a ruptured spleen. An infarct is likely a blood clot that caused part of the spleen to lose its blood supply and die. A ruptured spleen is a broken or fractured spleen usually from an accident or injury that would result in internal bleeding. Both can cause pain. You may need to have a new examination with your doctor and have tests for your spleen again.