Sensitive teeth, bleeding gums, kinda not intact or detached gums in middle incissors after the last brace adjustment. Had braces for many years. Help?

Ask Provider. There are a few reasons possible the most common for someone with braces is a need for improved home care. If you haven't for some time, go see your dentist and get a good cleaning. You could also have increases inflamation from the tooth movement. Still clean clean clean. Rinse with warm salt water and continue to scrub. You may benefit from a prescription mouthwash as well.
Need help. Sensitivity, protracted time in braces, gum damage, may all be oral hygiene related issues. Talk to your orthodontic specialist and your general dentist about reevaluating your treatment plan and also about seeing a periodontist.
2 possibile reasons: May have had gum problem not noted before therefore co-incidence seen after recent ortho adjustment. Or food or plaque just got lodged, tooth sore after brace adjustment so avoided proper cleaning. In any case best to see your general dentist so it can be checked and cleaned up or other recommendation.
Bleeding gums. It sounds like particles of food are chronically getting stuck in your gums around your braces, which causes inflammation, easy bleeding of gums, and ultimately recession of the gums. The way to manage this is increased brushing and use a stimudent tooth pick or a water pic to clear the spaces between teeth and along the edges of the gums. Also a multi-vitamin with vitamin c.
Gingivitis/Perio. Gingivitis is an infection of the gums. You let bacteria grow around your gum. It can progress to periodontitis which damages the ligaments and bone that support your teeth. Remove the germs that is around the border of your gum and teeth with proper brushing and flossing. At first it will be sore but in a few days it will be healthy again, no soreness/bleeding. Proper cleaning is needed q/ 6 mo.
Talk to orthodontist. You really should talk to your orthodontist and ask him u probably have very inflamed gums due to improper oral hygiene .