I have a white/cream colored substance in my stool. I had abdomonal pain earlier this week and have lower back pain.?

Mucus or pus? Mucus discharge occurs in up to 50% of patients with irritable bowel syndrome, with or without pain. Mucus may also be produced in response to partial obstruction, chronic constipation, rectal dysfunction, infection, & even from secretory villous tumors of the rectum. At the very least stool studies, anal/rectal inspection are appropriate. Peri-anal abscesses & fistulas may need urgent attention.

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I am experiencing low back pain and abdominal pain (worsened by: after meal) (severity: mild) (side: left lower, right lower).

Need medical exam. Many problems can cause back and belly pain- from constipation and menses up to urinary infections and appendicitis. You need to be seen by your primary doctor or an urgent care physician. Medical problems can get worse with time, so don't delay! Read more...

I am experiencing abdominal discomfort, abdominal pain left lower and low back pain 5 days. Doctor said constipation but have normal bowel movement.

Exam. Go to urgent care for full history and exam. Urinalysis to look for stones/infection. Full exam focused abdominal exam. Obtain a gastroenterology consult for further workup if indicated. If pain is worsening go to ER for stat labs and possible CT scan to rule out stones, hernia, diverticular disease, vascular disease, and other pathology. . Read more...