What do you do for a scratched eye?

Depends . Depends on where the scratch is and what caused it! best to have this checked out by an eyemd!
WE TREAT TO PROTECT. The cornea, shield it and treat it with eye drops to decrease inflammation and prevent infection.
Cornea. If the scratch is on the cornea, then it is usually easily treated. The cornea heals repidly itself and usually the eyemd prescribes antibiotics to prevent infection. It can be sore so oral analgesia, an eye patch or a dilating drop to reduce ciliary spasm may be required.
Corneal abrasion. Depends on where it is scratched and how severe. But if it is a corneal abrasion the treatment is to use an antibiotic drop to prevent infection, and also use lubricating tear drops or ointments to ease the discomfort while it heals. Depending on the size of the abrasion, a patch or contact lens may help with the confort and healing process. Some doctors recomend NSAID drops to help with the co.