Why do cardiologists get a prealbumin after heart surgery? What does it tell them?

Nutritional status. . A pre-albumin level gives us some insight as to the nutritional status of patients. If the pre-albumin is low it means the patient requires additional calories in their diet to overcome the stress of surgery and for wound healing.
IT IS A MEASURE. Of your nutritional status.

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When was the first heart surgery performed? What did cardiologists do before then?

First Bypass 1967. Cardiac surgery has bee done for decades (particularly for congenital heart disease and valvular problems). The first aorto-coronary bypass surgery was performed "only" 47 years ago, 1967 by Dr Rene Favaloro, an argentinian surgeon at Cleveland Clinic. Remember that the first angiogram (procedure to assess coronary blockages) was performed only 3-5 years early by Dr Mason Sones, also in Cleveland. Read more...

Can you please tell me how open heart surgery and bye pass surgery differ?

Overlap. Coronary artery bypass operations are heart operations done for atherosclerosis with obstruction to blood flow and symptoms of angina or heart attack. Heart surgery includes coronary, congenital, valves, tumors, etc. Truly open heart surgery is inside the heart, and coronary is on the surface, but the terminology has become commonplace. Read more...