How do I stop dependency on others to feel good?

Love Yourself. Everybody depends on someone sometimes. The more confidence you have in yourself, the less you depend on others, but you should always get some social support from others. Let friends help you to believe in yourself. If others believe in you, you can learn to believe in yourself. Change your self-talk by recognizing the things you do well. Be thankful for your friends and gifts. Meditate.
Hard wired. Humans are social animals and tuned to care about how people perceive us. Rather than aiming to become uncaring, it might be more rewarding to find ways to become more positively appreciated. My writing this response to your question, for example, hopefully will lead to a "thank you" from you. That will make me feel good about myself. This is part of how we encourage each other.
Invest in yourself. It might help to gradually become more capable of meeting your own emotional and physical needs. Think about what you need to do to begin trusting your own ability to make decisions and to take care of yourself. Stop placing greater importance on others than you place on yourself. Set your own goals and make plans to work toward achieving them. Interact with others as equals, not as superiors.