I am 53 years old male. I traveled frm india to america a week ago. I am having severe headache and fever for the past 4 days. What medication can I h?

Go to ED. My advice is similar- go the ed immediately, so that the appropriate tests can be done to reach a diagnosis. It is also important with respect to public health. If certain diagnoses are to be considered, then protective gear must be worn. With respect to a diagnosis, not only could it be some infection from india (malaria, dengue, etc), but it can also be something from the us (meningitis, etc).
Go to Emergency Room. Recent travel from india with fever and headache can be caused by many things. It is of upmost importance that you go to the local emergency room now so that you can be evaluated for malaria. While there the doctors will search for other causes. Since malaria is so uncommon in the usa you will need to specifcally ask them to perform a blood test for malaria. This is not something which can wait.
See a doc! Please get yourself to a doc - your personal physician, an er or an urgent care. Headache and fever, recent travel to india - there are several serious conditions that you need to make sure you don't have. Meningitis and malaria come immediately to mind. Once you are told it is nothing serious, the usual over the counter remedies (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naprosyn) will do.
Get to a Dr. asap. See a Dr. asap, either your Dr., express care or ER. Don't put it off.