With high MCH and MCV and hematokrit is there safe with ferritin injection? It is recommended after low ferritin in bone marrow and prescription to tablet

Not clear. The question is not entirely clear. A high MCV and MCH anemia is not usually due to iron defiency alone. Therefore, other factors may be leading to anemia, and iron will not treat the other cause(s). As to safety, iron infusions are usually safe, but rarely there are severe reactions. Therefore, iron infusions should never be considered until other types of treatments have not worked.
Clarification. Are you asking whether is safe to get IV iron to treat low iron storage in the bone marrow, in the abscence of microcytic anemia (high MCV and hematocrit)?Is that correct? The answer is that iron storage will be depleted first then anemia will occur.Oral iron usually is started first. If you can't tolerate or response is not good then IV iron will be needed. Yes, IV iron, in general, is safe.
Whoa. Something is wrong here. Iron deficiency is characterized by low mcv. At the very least, there is a serious breakdown of doctor patient communication. Get a second opinion.