Was given a scope test in colon area. It showed a stricture from earlier surgery 4 diver. Do I need another test to find diverticulitis in same area?

Don't know. I am not sure i understand, but maybe you had colon resection surgery for diverticulitis, and later you had a colonoscopy showing a stricture or narrowing at the surgical site. Unless you are having painful constipation issues, the stricture can be left alone. If the stricture is very narrow, likely your gastroenterologist can dilate it open. I do not know of needing any other tests for this.
More info helpful. A ct scan is very useful in diagnosing diverticulitis, without needing to undergo colonoscopy. Indeed, there are relative contraindications to performing colonoscopy when diverticulitis is active. Info that would be helpful in formulating a complete answer: 1) how long ago was your colonoscopy? 2) what symptoms are you experiencing? 3) what recommendations did you receive regarding stricture?