I am20 with a 1 yr old and I have spider veins on both my upper thighs. Is it normal for it to be sore around my sv on my upper left thigh?

Thrombophlebitis? This may be due to superficial or deep vein thrombophlebitis in orr-existing varicose veins following pregnancy. You should have this evaluated.
Pain is never normal. There are a number of reasons why you might have pain around some spider veins in your thigh. As dr. Barnett said, the pain might not be vein related at all. Even though small, spider veins can hurt. Underlying larger vein problems around the spider veins is also a common source of pain. Although phlebitis and clots are unlikely, you would be smart to get things checked out anyway.
No. Usually spider veins are asymptomatic. It is possible that your spider veins are associated with a varicose vein. These can be large enough that they are causing pressure and they can be treated, either sclerosed or surgically excised. It is also possible that the pain has no relationship to the veins at all. You need to get a diagnosis first.
Needs evaluation. Spider veins are not painful. If you are having discomfort in the area of the thigh spiders then this is due to something else. I would be more concerned if the discomfort is in the medial thigh because this is close to the saphenous vein which could be the source of an underlying problem. The best thing for you to do would be to see a vein specialist for an evaluation.