Burning sensation in left calf muscle?

Do you have varicose. Veins in the leg, if you do, this could be superficial phlebitis, if you do not it could muscular origin, both you could treat with Motrin and moist heat. If did not go away check with your doctor.
Rule out blood clots. Whenever you have calf pain and swelling, one should rule out a blood clot with an ultrasound test. Muscle pains are commonly caused by tight calf muscles, especially in the high heeled wearer. Arthritic fluid from the knee can leak into the calf area a well, causing burning pain. And if you are a runner, well you need to stretch.

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It feels more like a burning pain, it's more on the inside of my right foot, around shin, and calf muscle hurts on occasion.?

Circulation. Seek an evaluation to specifically determine if your symptoms are arterial vs venous in nature. Particularly, do they get better or worse with ambulation vs rest? Are you diabetic? Read more...

What causes a burning sensation in the viens in my fore arms? Also the muscles in my calfs keep locking up.

Don't know. I have never heard of burning in forearm veins unless something has been injected into them. Assuming you are not doing that (and maybe especially if you are) then you should see a clinician to find the cause of this and the leg cramps. Probably need blood tests as well. Meanwhile, keep your arms above your heart level and try some heat on them as well as your leg muscles to see if it helps. Read more...