I had asthma as a baby and doc told us I had outgrown it. Is it possible as an adult it will reappear?

It may. If it does, it will be important to consult your doctor early to rule out allergies as a cause and to start treatment before a serious episode.
Maybe... Asthma can have long periods of remission but you can have an asthma exacerbation again at any time, even in adulthood. So, seek help if you experience symptoms suggestive of an acute asthmatic episode.
Yes. It is not unusual for adults who have "outgrown" their asthma to have it return in adulthood.
Sometimes. It is generally thought asthma does not entirely go away, but if you have not had symptoms and your pft's are normal , that is great! just watch for any signs of asthma and take good care of yourself.
Yes. Asthma usually in the teen years seems to go away but the ability to be triggered is always there. So it is not abnormal to restart wheezing later in life.