Is there a natural remedy for a high blood pressure?

Yes. All patients with high blood pressure are recommended to change their lifestyle. This includes reducing the amount of salt and saturated fat in the diet, losing weight, avoiding alcohol, exercising regularly, and managing stress. If patients follow these recommendations and their blood pressure is well controlled, they may not need any blood pressure medication. Also see your doctor regularly.
Natural Rx 4 HBP. Natural remedy 4 high blood pressure? ANS: Yes but the first issue is to find the cause of your HBP. Most likely because you eat more salt than your body can get rid of without increasing BP. If so doing the DASH eating program is best proven natural Rx. Systolic will be down in 1 wk and diastolic in 2. Check with your Dr. Recommend reading Kindle Book-13: 978-1-43914-059-8. Do Chap 9 4 14 days.