Is there a genotype for high blood pressure?

Genotype for HBP. Yes in rare cases there are specific genes that cause high blood pressure. Other clues to genes are: Is there high blood pressure in your family? Do you have a twin with high blood pressure? Are of you African Descent especially African American. But we do not know the genes for most causes of high blood pressure. All genes today appear to involve salt metabolism as does much garden variety HTN.
Probably. There is not one specific genotype. However, hypertension or high blood pressure is known to be at least partially genetic with 70-80% of patients with hypertension having some family history of hypertension. The genes discovered to date only account for a small amount of the variation in blood pressure.
Maybe. Commonest cause for high blood pressure is age and family history. It is possible there are genotypes that are predisposed however that is not how we physicians approach HTN at this time.

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What food for high blood pressure?

Avoid salt. Best to avoid salt in your food/meals as a good first attempt at lowering your blood pressure. Learn to read nutrition labels and search for "sodium" which you should keep less than 2, 000mg/d. Also look for foods high in potassium and magnesium (rather than sodium) as some studies suggest that higher levels of both are associated w/better outcomes. This usually entails eating lots of fruits & vegg. Read more...
Food for HTN. Great question: low salt, low saturated fat, low cholesterol, 8 servings of colored fruit and vegetables daily, pomegranates, tomato, kiwi, spinach, kale, low animal protein (4 - 5 oz per day of meat, fish, poultry only). Don't smoke. Drink 3 liters fluid per day. Minimize caffeine. Look up DASH Diet. Eliminate NSAIDs. They cause salt retention. Read more...