Is it worse to have high blood pressure or low blood pressure?

Both are bad. If left too high and too long, high blood pressure can cause damage to the heart, brain, and kidneys. It may take years and pts may not even realise it. Its often called a silent killer. Low BP is much more symptomatic and can cause a pt to pass out.
High blood pressure. Hypertension is a validated major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, and requires thoughtful and effective treatment. Most cases of low blood pressure are benign unless accompanied by dizziness or altered consciousness.

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What causes high blood pressure or low blood pressure please b pascifec?

Blood pressure. High blood pressure is often idiopathic meaning we don't have a reason for it. Cardiovascular disease renal disease and some endocrine diseases can cause it. Pain anxiety and medications such as various stimulants can raise BP as well. Low BP can be idiopathic or caused by cardiovascular disease endocrine disease anemia and dehydration.

How would I determine if my mother has high blood pressure or low blood pressure?

Normal blood. Pressure range: systolic- 100-130. Diastolic-60-85. High BP would be higher than 130/85. Low blood pressure would be lower than 100/60. But this may be relative. Some people with BP say 110/70 and feels dizzy, to them this reading is low. Check more info online.

Is slow heart beat accompanied with high blood pressure or low blood pressure?

Depends......... Depending on a lot of things including age, hydration, medications, fitness, current activity, pain, and many more, pulse and BP can both be high, both be low, one high and one low, or the other way. There's is not rule for that one - sorry.

I'm just wondering, if you have high blood pressure can you have bouts of low blood pressure?

Sure. Though that said, the most common cause of low BP in patients previously with high BP is meds. That said, as the arteries get stiffer, it's easier to have large swings between your lower and higher bps. Make sure all measurements are being taken at rest and not around times of exercise.

I have a question about low blood pressure I have high blood pressure but never low

OK-? If you have high bp, you should see a dr. And get it treated. Your treatment will involve following and monitoring your blood pressure on what specific regimen your dr. Presribes for you, and should ultimately involve keeping your BP in a normal range, so it does not go low. Good luck.