Does blood pressure affect periodontal health?

No. No, but some BP meds called cacium antagonists can cause gum disease as a side effect. These meds include Norvasc ( amlodipine), Cardizem ( diltiazem), and verapamil.
Speculation only. Periodontal disease can affect your overall health. However, there is no strong proof to indicate that a causal relationship exists.
Unlikely. There are all kinds of studies that attempt to link periodontal disease and systemic health. There is no direct cause and effect.
Yes! Blood pressure affects many aspects of your health and your oral health is no different. Other considerations of blood pressure affect on oral health and periodontal health is healing time, consideration of medications used to treat abnormal blood pressure, and potential use of vasoconstrictors in anesthesia used by your dentist. In other words, blood pressure has direct and indirect effects.