Could salt cause hypertension?

Heightened risk of. ...cardiovascular disease, but slashing salt isn't easy. Salt can be found commercially in many foods, even some you wouldn't expect--like bread, bagels, chicken (salt improves shelf-life), cereal. Seriously, read labels.
Water retention. Specifically, salt causes your body to retain water. This "extra" water occupies space and makes it more difficult for the blood to move through the body. When this occurs, higher pressure from the heart is needed to move the blood through the body.
Salt and HTN. most likely cause of HTN today. Best way to prevent or treat salt HTN is to move to the DASH eating plan. Get this book only ISBN: 0-7434-1007-6 eISBN-13: 978-1-43914-059-8 Start Chap 9 and expect BP to be better in a week if you Do Chap 9 EXACTLY. If if does not go down get back with me.
Salt and BP. Salt alone will not give you hypertension if you wouldn't have developed it anyway. However, people with high BP will notice higher numbers after ingesting salt.

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Can you let me know is it true that taking table salt could cause hypertension, stroke and ballooning of the blood vessel?

Possible. In general, only long distance runner or competitive cyclist and soldiers in the field should concern themselves about taking table salts -- and the rest of us should stay clear of table salts except perhaps to add to your soup if you have to -- and the answer to your question is a strong yes -. Read more...
Yes, yes, no. Salt expands blood volume, raises blood pressure. Elevated blood pressure is a leading cause of stroke though usually after years of it. Ballooning of blood vessels can occur in several situations: fusiform aneurysm, berry aneurysm, arterial dissection, etc. These conditions are not caused by excess or insufficient sodium (salt). Read more...