Are there ways to prevent my child from spitting up?

Yes. Watch http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=ehwmtcspugg to learn more about spitting up and http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=u3pscsoq6je to learn about thickenting feeds.
Yes. Yes, the ways that you can prevent your child from spitting up is to keep them upright for 30 minutes after eating, burp them a few times while feeding, use formula with rice cereal. And make sure they don't over eat. This is all easier said then done, since many kids just spit up quite frequently, and it can be considered totally normal as long as they are thriving and not fussy.
Yes. Time. I agree with everything dr. Min has stated. With time the stomach matures with the development of a valve that reduces the upward flow of the stomach contents with its contraction. In addition the evolution to a more upright position, sitting then standing and the change to a more solid food diet makes reflux unlikely after 1 year of age.