How can I help keep the spark alive in my marriage?

Marital Happiness. Be open, truthful, non-defensive, high spirited, empathic and when you are troubled by how you both are communicating be direct with your dissapointment, focus on the character traits of your mate, not material or image status.
Marriage ; Family. Therapy can be very helpful at enhancing communication between couples. Learning how to resolve differences in healthy ways can save marriages. You need to stick with it, changing patterns of behavior takes awhile. You can also focus on bringing back the spark. After a couple of months, although the problems will not all be solved, couples should sense whether it is moving in the right direction.
Communicate. Keeping the spark is can be a challenge for many. Communicating, having fun, date nights, and therapy are all important. Remember what you were like before and try to engage in some fun things you used to do or learn something new together. I also think old fashioned love notes are still great since sometimes writing is easier than talking. Good luck.