How do these sexual arousal creams work?

Not very well. Most of them are intended to cause a sensation of warmth by irritating the skin. Better technique and adding some lubricant would likely work as well or better.

Related Questions

Is there any way to enhance postmenopausal sexual arousal?

Yes. More foreplay, mix it up. Not the same routine, have fun and take your time, also there are medicines your gyn doctor can prescribe to help. Good luck, and enjoy!

How to differentiate between sexual arousal and anticipatory anxiety?

Anticipatory anxiety. Is not specifically sexual in nature. We can have this prior to just about anything we do, especially if we are being evaluated for it. Feeling like we will be judged for sexual "performance" can cause anticipatory anxiety. So, they can be independent of one another or happen together. Focus on the feelings of others and it can help relieve the anxiety. Peace and good health.
Could be similar. If you are aroused in anticipation of sex, it would be similar. If other thoughts or events brings on the arousal, you should get evaluated by your doctor who would need a detailed history.
Interchangable. Terms are interchangeable. Ready for action is ready for action. Enjoy!
Stress is stress. Our physiological response to stress/ anxiety and arousal is the same. Our bodies don't differentiate between the cause or even if something is good or bad. Our bodies just respond, but we can control our thoughts about something and thus alter or manage our reactions. Talk to a psychologist about CBT and mindfulness and you will be well on your way to identifying your feelings.
If the anticipatory. Anxiety is about sex, then they are the same. Anticipatory anxiety can occur in a variety of other circumstances, like just before Christmas, just before asking someone out, etc. Sexual arousal is more specific to sex, and should be fun. If its debilitating, see a mental health pro.

What medicines are used to increase sexual arousal in postmenopausal women?

Viagara. There are some small studies which support the use of viagra (sildenafil) in women. Remember sex is more to do with general health and psychological wellbeing.
Testosterone. A small amount in cream form can be used. However, to prevent strophic vaginitis, an estrogen must be used, and with Progesterone if the uterus is intact. You should get total and free testosterone before and after treatment is started. I have treated hundreds of women in various combinations of this regimen. Only a few have quit!
See below. You can also try estratest, (esterified estrogens and methylestosterone) and dhea.

How long after childbirth before you are able to get 'wet' from sexual arousal?

Soon after. Arousal can occur at any time as long as you are healthy, relaxed and in a healthy relationship.

I have psas (persistent sexual arousal syndrome) do you have any suggestions to relieve the symptoms? They are unbearable!

See answer. There is not enough known about persistent genital arousal disorder (pgad) to definitively pinpoint a cause and no one treatment is universally effective. Treatments that have had success include: antidepressants, antiandrogenic agents, anesthetizing gels, and ice. Psychotherapy may also be useful. Further insight and helpful information can be found on the pgad website: http://www. Psas. No/en/.