Is it ok to give my baby goat's milk?

No. Goats milk is higher in protein and makes babies kidneys work a lot harder. It also has less vitamin B6 and folic acid. Babies that are allergic to cows milk tend to be allergic to goats milk. It is not a milk you want to use the first year of life and never raw.
Yes. Goat milk has been used by many who have food allergies. But plain goats milk and raw goats milk are not safe for your baby. Pasteurized goats milk must be adjusted to meet the needs of your baby; the recipe requires about 20 minutes of time per day and many ingredients. Newer infant formulas are designed for infants with allergies and are much easier to use! breast milk is best for all babies.
No. Goat's milk is not an ideal source of nutrition for infants. Though goat's milk may be easy to digest for some babies, breast milk or infant formula is best. Goat's milk may be lacking in certain nutrients and vitamins (such as b vitamins and Folic Acid that can cause babies to become anemic).