As a woman, how can I feel ok about my sexuality after a tracheostomy?

Tough one. This is difficult as you need to be partnered with someone who can see past your trach and into your heart. If medically allowable, try wearing a cap or valve that will allow you to speak and avoid air exiting your trach. The most important thing to do is to not make a big deal out of it, yourself, and talk with you partner openly about his/her concerns.
Trach/Sexuality. A tracheostomy is done for various reasons but it definitely provides one with an airway helping them breathe. Sexuality is a dear and an important subject for a woman! if you can see that a tracheostomy has improved your quality of life, using a passy -speaking valve can restore your communication. You can meet with friends, prospective young men. Share when you are comfortable. Can wear a scarf.