Can I bottle feed my baby at night?

Yes. Bottle feeding at night is fine. Do not put your baby to bed with a bottle though, as this causes tooth decay.
Yes. You should feel free to bottle feed at night after your milk is in. This is one way to let dad share that activity and trade off getting better rest. As baby gets older, you can gradually decrease the bottle feeding volume and baby may feed more vigerously during the day. At some point this can help eliminate a night feeding.

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How often should I bottle feed my baby and how much is the volume every feeding? In the middle of the night, should I wake her up to feed?

Basic guidelines. A bottle fed baby is ready for a day feed every 3-4 hours and after 10 pounds may sleep through the night without a feeding. The stomach can usually tolerate a volume equal to half their poundage:10 lb= 5 oz. I wake kids to feed during the day but not at night. Read more...