What's the blinded veterans association?

Helpful advice. This is an organization helping veterans with visual disabilities. You only need lowered vision to qualify and if you are a veteran with time and no visual problems you can help them out. Contact the local VA Hospital to reach them.
Va. Bva is an organization that helps vets that are legally blind like braille insitute.

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What is operation peer support within the blinded veterans association?

Special funding . Special line item funding for the centers of excellence to put together best programs for vets. Read more...
Peer support. In this context, a peer is another veteran. Operation peer support provides an opportunity for vets who have lost their sight during their service to meet with other veterans (often from different conflicts) who can relate to a soldier who has been wounded and can provide support. Peer support is becoming increasingly common in the ongoing effort to provide more effective care to our veterans. Read more...