Is there help for a veteran with adjustment disorder?

Yes- CBT/mindfulness. Depending on where you are in the process - are you out, or in process of getting out? You have options. The MEB or MTF hands you off to the VA, where a nurse coordinator will get you connected to the right providers. If you've been out for a while, call your nearest VAMC for assistance. Thank you for your service.
Yes. Yes there is help.
Therapist . Get a referral to see a reputable psychotherapist who specializes in veterans and military issues. These people can be found on state psychology websites as well as asking your local American Legion posts.
Treatment can help. And... exercise regularly. Physical activity boosts/clears the mind; Eat healthy food, which also helps body and mind. Try to get a good night’s sleep; can help one better cope during the day. Practice relaxation such as deep breathing or quiet time alone. Make time for a hobby or other enjoyable activity . Talk with other Veterans/friends/family who have been through similar experiences. Best.