How many arteries can be treated with a heart bypass?

Can vs. Should. Since coronary artery disease can affect all the major coronary arteries, the presence of significant blockage may occur in many vessels & branches. So the answer is dependent on the skill & courage of the operators, whether it be angioplasties & stents, or coronary artery bypass by arterial or venous grafts. Most patients get less than 6, but i've had colleagues that did up to 15 (in 1 patient).
As many as needed. There are three main arteries to the heart but many branches. There really is no theoretical limit to the number of bypasses. On average i would say 3-5 is typical. I have done more but not near as often. The most I have seen is 10!

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Rca, cx and LAD artery bypassed 5years ago. Recently had an angiogram.1artery is torn and one-third part of heart tissue is damaged. Can it be treated?

Yes. Treatment depends upon the findings of heart catheterization. If its not treatable with revascularization, then medical therapy or sometimes device therapy is the next option. Talk to your cardiologist who can answer based on your unique situation. Read more...