Are there different types of vaginal pessaries for prolapse?

Yes. There are many shapes of pessaries and each shape comes in multiple sizes. They are typically bigger looking than one would expect. Fitting a pessary is a trial and error approach to find the right shape and size to provide support. There are some types of prolapse that are not adequately corrected with any pessary.

Related Questions

What is your experience with patients using a vaginal prolapse pessary?

Not encouraging. Pessaries can be very effective in treating prolapse non surgically. Most patients, however, find the frequent removal, cleaning, and reinsertion to be too much of a chore. Additionally, the pessary itself can cause the patient to feel a vaginal fullness or pressure even if it is well fitted. The more active my patient is, the less likely a pessary seems acceptable to her.
Good. Pesseries for prolapse (cystocele, rectocele, vaginal prolapse) are very useful for someone who wants to avoid surgery, desires more vaginal deliveries (children), or can't have surgery. Properly sized & placed, pts feel no pressure, most don't notice a difference. The best candidates are pts who are able to remove & replace it as needed. I have many pts satisfied with only their pessary.

If I have some vaginal prolapse and want a pessarie, can I ask to be numbed down there as it hurts a lot and is sensitive? Do pessaries get infected?

A young prolapse. Vaginal prolapse is uncommon in 26 year olds, unless there have been multiple vaginal deliveries and inadequate repairs. A pessary can be inserted without anesthesia on most occasions. A better solution is to have the vaginal prolapse surgically repaired if you are finished with childbearing.

Can weight machine training or certain exercises cause more damage in vaginal prolapse after menopause? Will a Pessary or tampon help during exercise?

Weighty problem. Yes, the weight machine will cause you to hold your breath and further push down the vaginal prolapse. A pessary inserted may work or not, but the tampon will get pushed out by the exertion and is of no use whatsoever to stop the descent of the vagina.