How do you know if you are a candidate for minimally invasive heart surgery?

See MIS surgeon. Find a surgeon who performs minimally invasive heart surgery (mis) and discuss the possibility with them. You may ask your cardiologist who does that type surgery in your area to start.
Speak to your doctor. The attached website from the mayo clinic explains all types of heart procedures that use a minimally invasive surgery. Your doctor will explain if you are a candidate or not.

Related Questions

My father was told he is not a good candidate for open heart surgery, are there any alternatives?

Some limited options. I assume he had a cardiac catherization. Depending on his age, he may be a candidate for transplant. Not knowing the situation, he may or may not have stenting in the past or his disease is profuse, with little runoff. Or, he could be a poor candidate for other reasons such as copd, diabetes etc etc. I would ask the doctor about other co-morbilities; he may be a transplant candidate.
Medicine. If for angina, there are some helpful meds. Stop smoking beta blockers other meds to relieve heart failure symptoms cardiology can go over that with you and him.

What are the risks involved with minimally invasive heart surgery?

Similar to standard. For most minimally invasive heart surgery the main difference is the means to access the surgical site. Though less trauma may be needed, the actual surgical procedure itself will be similar and therefore have comparative risk to an "open" case.
Depends. What diagnosis what operation what personal risk factors? Death bleeding recurrence over time stroke infection are the serious but infrequent things we talk to patients about as they consent to operations.

Is minimally invasive heart surgery the same as open heart surgery?

Mostly.... The biggest difference is usually the incision size, with minimally invasive being smaller and often avoiding opening the breastbone. The actual surgical procedure, such as valve repair or bypass is often identical to the traditional approach.
No. Minimally invasive heart surgery are performed through small institutions on the sides of your chest. They will go through your rib cage inorder to not crack your chest. This results in quicker recovery time and less pain. Your surgeon could also see areas of the heart better rather than open heart.

When is open heart surgery needed vs less invasive options?

Many factors. If the ohs is for coronary artery blockage, surgery is indicated for life threatening disease (involving the left main artery) or multiple blockages (involving 3 or more arteries) that for technical reasons can't be adequately dilated and stented. If the ohs is for a valve, it depends on which valve, what's wrong with the valve, and the severity of symptoms.
Age and severity. Coronary artery disease is now often treated with stents placed during a cardiac cath, instead of open heart surgery. What is unclear is whether stents last as long as bypass, or if they are as good for multiple vessle disease. Younger patients, mand patients with more severe multiple vessel disease may do better with an open heart bypass.

Can Heart Surgery, Mitral Valve Repair, 1 yr on have an affect on Peak Flow 425. Mild asthma past taking 2x40 mg Propranolol day/can GERD affect it?

Prpranolol. Can cause flare up of your asthma and should really not be used in an asthmatic patient. Isuugest a call to the prescribing physician. GERD can also aggravate your ashtma- you need to have your physician address BOTH issues.

I'm wondering why is heart surgery performed through the scrotum?

It's not. Heart surgery is performed through the chest. Some percutaneous treatments are performed through the femoral vessels in the groin.