Can video games cause behavior problems?

Yes, they can. Along with increased aggression if the games are violent, protracted use of all media (more than 2 hours/ day) is associated with obesity. Children with adhd often " hyperfocus" and do not appear to hear instructions. Games and tv at bedtime lead to delayed-onset sleep. A fatigued child often is more "hyper" and irritable than drowsy. Turn off games and tv at least 20 minutes before bedtime.
Yes. Many of today's video games are quite violent and realistic. It is very important to follow the guidelines for age requirements on the box. E is for everyone, t for teens at least 13, m is mature-17 and up and a for adults 18 and older. You are not doing your child a favor to allow him or her to play video games geared for older people. Over nine hours per week can cause more behavior problems.
Maybe. There is some research evidence that violent video games may increase violent behavior, aggression and oppositional behavior.