Can you explain claudication?

Leg muscle pain. Claudication, derived from a latin word that means "to limp, " is characterized by pain in the leg muscles. It is caused by blockages in leg arteries depriving the blood supply needed for activities like walking. Resting, or stopping, relieves the pain because less oxygen is needed at rest. "intermittent" refers to the timing of pain: "it hurts upon walking but gone upon stopping, like clockwork.".
Like angina. Claudication is like angina. Angina is when pts get chest pain secondary to a lack of blood suply to the heart . Typically the pain occurs during activity due to the demand out pacing its suply. The suply is limited by cholesterol plaques. Claudication is the same principal. Only its peripheral . Pain in legs with walking is an example. Its like angina of the legs!.