What are the dietary recommendations for someone with a migraine headache with nausea?

Please see below. Many people who get migraines have food triggers. In addition to eating a balanced diet, not skipping meals, and getting plenty of sleep, I routinely recommend heal your headache, a book written by david buchholz, md (a neurologist), which contains a great elimination diet that can help decrease the migraines. During a migraine with nausea, a bland diet can help.

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Son complained of a headache and nausea. He vomited his lunch, I suspected migraine. He has just had a glass of water, and vomited that out now!

Headache. The combination of headache nausea and vomiting would suggest that you should see a doctor ASAP.
See answer. Migraine is the most common acute and recurrent headache in children. It can occur at all ages. In the absence of a history of head trauma, it's quite likely he has migraine. Consult his physician to be certain of the diagnosis and follow his advice for treatment. If it does turn out to be migraine *consider Petadolex (Butterbur) for prevention if his migraine becomes frequent> http://bit. Ly/1OUOD2m.

What to do if migraine/tension headache with nausea?

Migraines treatment. First a headache specialist needs to distinguish is these are tension type headaches or migraines. Ibuprofen, Naproxen can be helpful. Triptans are useful in migraine. If these are frequent a preventive medication should be added.

Sinus headache or migraine? Nausea too.

Migraine. I hear it all the time: "I got sinus, doc." They're wrong. That's a myth perpetrated back in the decades of "postnasal drip" i.e. the 50s & 60s by the advertisers of Dristan. 99% of all "sinus" headaches - aren't. They're mostly migraines. If you have radiological proof of sinusitis and your pain goes away if it's treated, then you're entitled to the diagnosis of sinus headaches. Otherwise, not.
Midface Migraine. Although migraine is usually considered a headache, it can also present as pain in the teeth, jaw and/or the maxillary sinus which often confuses the diagnosis. When this presentation occurs, it is referred to as facial or midface migraine.

Is it a migraine if you have a sudden painful headache, nausea?

Possible....... Possible with atypical migraine..........
Not necessarily. It certainly could be a migraine. However, other types of headache such as sinus headaches may be associated with nausea as well. If your headaches recur, see your primary care doctor. Try to keep a record of what time of day the headaches occur, if you actually vomit, and if anything seems to provoke them or bring them on. This will help your doctor decide if any tests are needed.

What are the preheadache, headache, and postheadache symptoms of migraine. Can you have a migraine without nausea and aura?

Migraine is variable. Migraine headache may be associated with a prodrome (symptoms that precede the headache by 48 hours or so), and / or an aura (a focal neurologic symptom- often visual- sparkly jagged lines, etc.) that heralds the headache. Not all migraines cause nausea and many do not have an aura, in fact some migraines have an aura but no headache! Postheadache symptoms often include fatigue.

What causes migraine type headache with neck pain and nausea?

Cervicogenic. A cergicogenic headache is caused by painful spams in the posterior neck muscles pulling on the back of the skull. Because the muscles on the skull are all attached to the same membrane, tension on one part of this membrane sets up a chain rxn that can cause other muscles to spasm, resulting in severe headache pain and neck pain, which, if severe enough, can cause nausea.
Vague. Certainly need a lot more info. Could be due to trauma/whiplash injuries, tmj/tmd, posture, heredity, etc. Duration, intensity, location. Keep a pain diary if you can and document your headaches see a doctor.
Convergence. Because the nerves in the neck connect with the nerves in the head at the base of the brain, painful information can be sent to the neck when the head hurts. This is known as pain referral. This does not mean there is a probllem in the neck. This is also why the sinuses often hurt with migraine headaches. It is not a sinus problem, just excited nerves from the headache.

I have had a headache for 5 days. I don't have any nausea or light sensitivity. Could it be a migraine?

Possibly. If it continues or doesn't respond to over-the-counter medication, see your doctor.
Migraine diagnostic. The specific diagnostic criteria for migraine are: unilateral, throbbing pain that lasts from 4 to 72 hours. The pain is moderate or severe in intensity. Aggravation by or causing avoidance of routine physical activity (climbing stairs). The headache must have at least one of the following: nausea, light sensitivity or sound sensitivity. You don't have a migraine. See your PCP for diagnosis.