What can cause adjustment disorder in veterans?

Stress. Veterans have the same reasons for adjustment disorder as do civilians, an attempt to deal with stressful situations. The specifics of the situation are always unique.
Adjustment. Adjustment DO can be thought of as too much change in too short a period of time. Veterans who are mainstreamed back into society without being able to transition slowly are at risk for adjustment DO.
Regular life. "Adjustment Disorder" is Medicalese (with a matching ICD-9/10 code) for "stressed out." Most of the world population suffers from adjustment disorder. It is a diagnosis of exclusion. As such, consider your glass half-full. .
Various causes. Adjustment disorder is basically a less severe reaction to stress than PTSD. Some Veterans experience the condition after losing someone close to them (often someone from their unit). Others might experience the disorder after separating from family, developing health problems, losing or changing jobs, attempting to reintegrate, post deployment, or going through any major change in their lives.